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TAP-MC protocol

The TAP-MC is composed of two parts to assess different physical abilities specific to a police canine officer's work. To sucessfully pass the TAP-MC, you must complete the two parts in a total time of (including time penalties):

  • 9 minutes or less for Montreal airports canine unit
  • 9 minutes 30 seconds or less for Laval police canine unit

The TAP-MC is performed under the supervision of certified evaluators who will provide you instructions and ensure that each task is sucessfully executed. You do not need to memorize each task. If any component of a task is not properly executed, the task must restarted or it will be considered as failed.

TAP-MC video

First part - obstacle course

This part is a re-enactment of a police canine officer (you) teamed with the dog,  chasing after an individual. The obstacle course measures aerobic capacity, aerobic endurance, agility, strenght and muscular endurance.


The obstacle course includes eight loops with different stations. You will have to run on the eight loops by crossing the following obstacles : pass under two hurdle of 1.5 meters high, jump over a 1.8 meters long mat, climb up and down the stairs, jump over another 1.8 meters long mat, carry a 36kg bag over a distance of 6 meters (12 meters in the first lap only), walk in balance on a beam, jump in the hoops, jump over four 50cm high hurdles, lift a 36kg bag and pass it over a 1 meter fence, cross the fence and perform a controlled fall on your stomach or back.

Pass or fail criteria

Time penalties of 2 seconds are awarded if you touch a hurdle or a mat. If you fall of the beam or miss a hoops, you will have to start the task again.

Second part - push-pull machine

This part re-enact an altercation and measures strenght and muscular endurance.


The second part consists of pushing and pulling against an apparatus. You must first push the load of 36.3kg, then move around the apparatus to perform 6 arcs of 180 degrees. You have to push against the load sufficiently in order to maintain a minimum required height (green zone); otherwise you will get a warning. You then have to execute 4 controlled falls to the ground (2 frontal and 2 backward). You must execute another 6 arcs of 180 degrees, however this time by pulling the load. As mentioned previously, you must pull the load hard enough to maintain at a minimum required height (green zone).

Pass or fail criteria

Each arc that does not respect the minimum required height (green zone) will not be counted and will have to be repeated.