The work of a paramedic requires a higher physical capacity than the average population. Indeed, you may be required to carry heavy loads such as patients or pieces of equipment. It is essential to take a physical aptitude test in order to determine your physical capabilities required for this profession and to prevent work injuries. The TAP-PAR test was developed by the Kinesiology clinic of the University of Montreal for the purpose of measuring the physical abilities of paramedic, to ensure that you have the minimum capacity requirement for the job. The TAP-PAR is for people in the hiring process as paramedic at Urgences-Sante or CETAM.

To reduce workplace injuries among paramedic, the Kinesiology clinic developped a training on proper lifting techniques (TLC). This training resulted in a 27% decrease in work accidents due to manual lifting and a 22% decrease in moving patient related accidents among Urgences-Sante paramedics. This training also won the Innovation Award in Occupational Health and Safety in 2011. The proper lifting techniques training is offered to all paramedics.