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TAP-Energir protocol

The TAP-GM is composed of three stations to assess different phsical abilities specific to a gas exploitation and acquisition technician work's. Each station must be successfully completed and the total time to run the four stations should not exceed 17 minutes and 18 seconds.

The TAP-GM is performed under the supervision of certified evaluators who will provide you instructions and ensure that each task is sucessfully executed. You do not need to memorize each task. If any component of a task is not properly executed, the task must restarted or it will be considered as failed.

Vidéo du TAP-Énergir

Station 1

The station simulates a simple task to perform at height to measure mainly vertigo, but also agility.


The station consists of climbing on a 24 foot ladder, performing a simple task, then descending the ladder. The task to perform at the top of the ladder is to touch two marks, one to the right and one to the left, with a rubber ring. You must put one foot on each step of the ladder up and down. If you drop the rubber ring, you can start again the station. An evaluator will ensure your safety with a climbing equipment.

Pass or fail criteria

You fail the station if you are unable to climb to the top of the ladder or touch the marks with the rubber ring.


After completing the first station, you will have a rest period to put on a 5kg weighted jacket.

Station 2

This shovel station simulates the release of a pipe into a trench during a gas leak. The station measures muscular endurance of the upper limbs and the trunk.


The station consists of pulling on a cart with a shovel to move it on a distance of 90cm. A green light turns on when the distance is reached. The applied resistance is 7.5kg. Throughout the movement, a minimum pressure of 7.5kg must be applied on the shovel. Another green light turns on when the pressure is sufficient. You will have to do 15 cart moves on each side of the rail, for a total of 30. The 15 moves are distributed as follow : ten moves with the shovel at an angle of 45 degrees  to the ground and five moves with the shovel parallel to the ground. You will have to adopt a position with one knee on the ground during the shoveling.

Pass or fail criteria

To sucessfully pass the station, you will have to respect the range of motion and the minimum pressure required for a total of 30 moves (15 on the right and 15 on the left).

After completing the second station, you will have a rest period to put on a self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) with the help of qualified Énergir personel.

Station 3

This station simulates the clogging of a gas leak in a trench. The station measures muscular strength and endurance, dexterity and the ability to work with a SCBA.


You will fisrt have to carry a tools bucket and a half-pipe of 31kg over a distance of 15 meters. Then, you will have to go down into the trench and lower the bucket and the half-pipe with you. Subsequently, install the half-pipe on the pipe using five bolts. You will then have to tighten four nuts at a pressure of 68kg using a torque wrench. Finally, you will have to lossen all the nuts before exiting the trench and return to the starting point.

Pass or fail criteria

To sucessfully pass the station, you have to complete all the steps without dropping the seal or half-pipe on the ground.