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TAP-Batshaw protocol

The TAP-Batshaw test is composed of two parts to assess different physical abilities specific to a control officer's work. Both parts must be successfully completed to pass the test. The TAP-Batshaw is performed under the supervision of certified evaluators who will provide you instructions and ensure that each task is sucessfully executed. You do not need to memorize each task. If any component of a task is not properly executed, the task must restarted or it will be considered as failed.

TAP-Batshaw video

First part - obstacle course

This part is a re-enactment of a control officer (you) chasing after an individual and moving a victim in a secure location. The obstacle course measures speed, aerobic capacity, agility and muscular endurance.


The first part is a timed obstacle course which includes 4 loops. A weight belt of 2.3 kg is worn throughout the test. The test begins with you sitting in a car. You start by activating the timer, then get up and start the first 3 laps of the course running around the perimeter as fast as possible. There are no obstacle in the first lap. The second lap requires you to take the stairs 3 times. The third lap, you have to jump over the low wall. The fourth and final lap involves you going through the following obstacles: perform a slalom, jump over the low wall and jump over the mat (2 metres long). If you touch the mat, you will have time penalties. By the end of the fourth lap, you will have to drag a 65.7 kg dummy across a distance of 20 meters, without touching it's head on the floor. The course is finished once you stop the timer.

Pass or fail criteria

To successfully pass the first part of the test, you must complete the four laps of the course and the dummy drag in a total time of 130 seconds (2 minutes 10 seconds) or less, including the time penalties.

Second part - independent stations

This part re-enacts an altercation and measures strenght as well as muscular endurance.


The second part consists of pushing and pulling against an apparatus. You must first push the load of 31.8kg, then move around the apparatus to perform 4 arcs of 180 degrees. You have to push against the load sufficiently in order to maintain a minimum required height; otherwise you will get a warning and have to start over. You then have to execute 4 controlled falls to the ground (2 frontal and 2 backward). You must execute another 4 arcs of 180 degrees, however this time by pulling the load. As mentioned previously, you must pull the load hard enough to maintain at a minimum required height.

Pass or fail criteria

To successfully pass the second part of the test, you must complete all the arcs with less than 4 warnings. In addition, you must complete all tasks in a total time of 180 seconds (3 minutes) or less by the end of the timed course.

TAP-Batshaw summary

PartTasksSuccess criteria
  • Activate the timer and get out of the car.
  • Run 3 laps in a clockwise direction and 1 lap in an ''8'' shape while going through obstacles.
  • Drag a 65,7 kg dummy across a distance of 20 meters.
  • Stop the timer.
  • Complete all tasks within 2 minutes and 10 seconds or less, including time penalties.
  • Push a load and complete 4 arcs around an apparatus.
  • Perform 4 falls on the ground.
  • Pull a load and complete 4 arcs around an apparatus.
  • Get less than 4 warnings.
  • Complete all the tasks within
    3 minutes or less.